4 Questions A Lawyer Can Help Answer After A Truck Accident

17 March 2023
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An accident that involves a truck is likely to be even more devastating than one involving another kind of vehicle. The combined size, speed, and weight of a semi-trailer truck that hits a smaller vehicle can leave the other driver facing significant injuries and a long road to recovery. One of the most important things an injured driver can do during their recovery is to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Getting a lawyer on their side to represent their best interests can ultimately determine the outcome of their case. If you have found yourself in a similar situation and are currently preparing to speak with a truck accident attorney, take a look below at some of the questions to ask.

What were the outcomes of previous cases that are similar to mine?

Context is everything, and an attorney can give you as much as you need. If you are struggling to figure out whether your claim will hold up in court or merit substantial compensation, a lawyer can point you to similar cases they have handled in the past and walk you through how each one played out.

What damages am I eligible to be compensated for?

You may also not have any idea what compensation you should be awarded after an accident with a truck. Many people assume that settling for enough money to pay their medical bills is all they can expect, but attorneys can tell you if you can expect further compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, or more.

Who is responsible?

Part of what makes a truck accident slightly unique is that the liable party is often much harder to identify. It may be that the driver is at fault, but it is just as likely in many cases that the trucking company can be named as a liable party too. If the accident was caused by a manufacturing defect or the negligence of someone who loaded the truck, then the responsibility will lie with other companies or individuals as well. 

What happens if my case goes to trial?

A settlement is complex, but at its core, it is simply an extended negotiation. A trial, on the other hand, is something that most people have never experienced before. If you are consulting with a lawyer, make sure they outline what you can expect if a settlement cannot be reached and you are forced to go to trial.

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