Questions To Determine If You Should Use Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

23 December 2020
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There are two main branches of bankruptcy that consumers use, and choosing the right one matters. How do you choose the right one, you might wonder? The best way is by meeting with a bankruptcy attorney. They can typically tell you which branch to select by asking you a few questions. Here are the main questions the lawyer will ask. How Much Money Did You Earn in the Last Year? Read More 

What Does A Car Accident Investigation Look Like?

30 November 2020
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Many people who have never been in a car accident wonder what a car accident investigation looks like. If you are going through your first car accident investigation, you might wonder if what you are seeing is normal. Whether you were in a fender bender or your car was completely totaled, an investigation must be thorough. These are some of the steps that might occur when you hire a car accident attorney to help you with your case. Read More 

How Compensation From an Injury Case Can Help You Move On

2 November 2020
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If you're planning to pursue legal action against someone that caused you physical harm — be it unintentional or intentional — then you have an opportunity to receive compensation. An injury attorney can help you get it, and if they're successful, you can use the compensation in many ways. Medical Bills There are some personal injuries that are devastating from a physical standpoint, so much so that you may have a hard time dealing with medical bills. Read More 

Important Services That A Dental Injury Attorney Provides To Clients

2 October 2020
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When you think of suing a healthcare provider for malpractice, you typically think of suing a doctor, nurse, or hospital. However, dentists are in fact licensed health care providers and are subject to the same medical malpractice laws as any other physician, nurse, or healthcare provider. When you have suffered a dental injury, you have rights under your state's personal injury laws to hold the dentist accountable. These services are some that a dental injury attorney can provide to you during your case. Read More 

Worker’s Comp Troubles And Legal Help: How To Cope

29 August 2020
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It would be nice to say that all workplace injuries are covered and that the claim process will go smoothly. Unfortunately, workers' compensation insurance is like many types of private insurance in that it sometimes fails to come through for those that need it. When problems crop up with a claim, you may need to speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. Read below to learn why this is so important and how to cope with the cost. Read More