4 Reasons To File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

10 February 2015
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If you have debt that you are having difficulty repaying, you may want to consider filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will allow you to reorganize any of your loans and make the necessary adjustments that will allow these to be easier for you to repay. Knowing the many reasons to file for this type of bankruptcy may motivate you to start the initial process and work towards the completion of this legal status.

Reason #1: Lower car payments

One of the advantages of filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you can adjust the amount of your current payments. For instance, if you have an automobile payment that you can't afford to pay any longer, you can decrease the amount of your monthly payments if you qualify for this bankruptcy.

Additionally, you will have up to five years to repay your debt that is reorganized when obtaining this legal status.

Reason #2: Prevent foreclosure

Being unable to make your mortgage payments can create a great deal of stress and be challenging. You can avoid this unwanted situation from occurring by filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Reason #3: Obtain the automatic stay

Preventing creditors from continually harassing you can be achieved with the automatic stay. This is allowed when you successfully file for this bankruptcy. You won't have to worry about receiving phone calls or statements in the mail regarding your lack of payment.

The company that you owe money to will be unable to file a lawsuit against you or attempt to seize your property with the help of the court.

Reason #4: Low court costs

When you are working to reorganize your current debt, the last thing you want is a high cost to do so. One of the reasons a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is sought after is the low court and administrative fees that come with it.

The filing fee for this type of bankruptcy is only $310 as of June 1, 2014. This is an affordable option for if you need to reorganize your debt and make it easier for you to pay.

Finally, the many benefits offered with the completion of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy make it well worth the time and effort to complete. By retaining the services of a bankruptcy attorney, you can get the legal guidance to complete this process accurately and have any questions you need to be answered.

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