4 Questions A Lawyer Can Help Answer After A Truck Accident

17 March 2023
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An accident that involves a truck is likely to be even more devastating than one involving another kind of vehicle. The combined size, speed, and weight of a semi-trailer truck that hits a smaller vehicle can leave the other driver facing significant injuries and a long road to recovery. One of the most important things an injured driver can do during their recovery is to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Read More 

Essential Factors Young Families Should Consider When Estate Planning

9 February 2023
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Most young parents give little thought to estate planning, hoping to do it when they get older. Unfortunately, if death comes at a young age, their young families can be confused about how to handle the estate and other crucial matters. Moreover, in some cases, the kids left behind could be mistreated by those who take up their guardianship. For these reasons, if you are a young parent, you can avoid such issues by hiring a lawyer to help you with your estate planning. Read More 

What Does It Mean To Have A Condition On The Compassionate Allowance List?

11 January 2023
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If you have had an accident or experienced an illness that has you unable to do gainful work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. Unfortunately, applying for and receiving Social Security Disability can sometimes take months or even years. Social Security may fast-track your claim if you contract with a Social Security law firm or have a condition on the Compassionate Allowance List. What is the Compassionate Allowance List, and what types of conditions does it contain? Read More 

How The Judge Determines How Much You’ll Receive In Child Support

12 December 2022
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When you are going through a divorce and you have full custody of your children, you may be entitled to child support payments. However, you might wonder what amount of child support would be fair. The courts determine child support based on a variety of factors and your child has the right to receive adequate support from both parents. How Child Support Is Determined The purpose of child support is to support minors who belong to both you and your ex. Read More 

Can You Sue A Property Seller For Failing To Disclose Known Defects? Find Out

16 November 2022
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Most property sellers do genuine business by ensuring buyers get value for their money. Unfortunately, some take advantage of unsuspecting clients to make illegitimate profits from the sale. For instance, they fail to disclose some damages, which makes the house appear more valuable than it should be. In this case, it is only after purchasing the property that clients incur huge losses on repairs and replacement. It is important to note that failure to disclose defects is unlawful. Read More