3 Tips For Hiring An Estate Lawyer

7 June 2022
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As you get older, your finances become more complex. You may own one or more homes, have your own business, and have various types of investments and other accounts. It's important to plan ahead for what will happen to your assets and your estate at the time of your death. Doing so will save your family from significant stress and confusion. Luckily, hiring an estate lawyer makes this easy. Here are three tips for hiring an estate attorney. Read More 

3 Things Car Accident Lawyers Do To Recover Reimbursement For Drivers With Expired Licenses

5 May 2022
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Operating a vehicle with an invalid license is against the regulations in all states. Things can be worse if you're involved in an accident when driving without a valid license — several questions can cross your mind about whether the at-fault party's insurer will reimburse you for your losses. Although having an expired license can give the court and insurers an edge over your case, car accident lawyers can overcome these hurdles through many legal processes and ensure you are reimbursed for your damages. Read More 

Criminal Defense Strategies You Can Use For Your Criminal Case

28 March 2022
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Many people are unsure what steps to take if they get charged with a crime. Proper help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential. Find below criminal defense strategies your lawyer may use for your criminal case. 1. Intoxication Plea Your criminal defense lawyer will use the intoxication plea to argue that you committed a criminal offense while intoxicated. The intoxication may either be voluntary or involuntary. Both intoxication pleas apply when you don't foresee what could happen when under the influence of drugs. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Slip And Fall Accidents During Winter Conditions

22 February 2022
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Were you recently involved in a slip and fall accident due to winter weather conditions? If so, it will help to know the following things about this personal injury that can result in a lawsuit.  How Do You Know Who Is Responsible?  If you had your slip and fall accident on a sidewalk, you're likely wondering who is responsible for your accident. Is it a sidewalk the city is responsible for, the homeowner of the nearby property, or a business owner? Read More 

Priority Creditors And Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

12 January 2022
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When a consumer files chapter 7, they usually expect their debts to be forgiven. Looking at things from a creditor's point of view, though, might help filers understand why the court has the power to seize assets during bankruptcy. Read on to find out more about priority creditors and why they matter to your bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy and Creditors Not all creditors are out of luck when a consumer files chapter 7. Read More