Who Can You Hold Accountable For An Auto Recall Accident And How Can You Get Justice? Find Out

19 October 2022
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Some vehicle manufacturers recall vehicles when they realize that they have faulty parts. Unfortunately, some may not or may not do it promptly enough. In addition, some problems can occur after recall repairs. The vehicles might develop mechanical problems in such cases, leading to catastrophic crashes. Those injured in such accidents may be entitled to compensation from the responsible parties. Even so, it is important to note that these claims are usually multi-faceted because they involve several wrongdoers. Therefore, it is advisable to work with an attorney to help you take legal action against the parties discussed below.

The Offenders You Can Sue After an Auto Recall Crash

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you can sue several parties following an accident of this nature. These include the vehicle manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. You may even take legal action against them if you were involved in a collision before the recall occurred. In such an instance, the various parties should compensate you for your losses, with their respective payments depending on their fault percentage. Your legal advisor will get experts to investigate the crash to ascertain why the vehicle developed a mechanical problem. They will then determine the parties that may have contributed to the defect. This lets your lawyer know what parties to hold responsible for your damages.

The situation might be different if the collision happened after the recall. In this case, you might get a lower payment if the manufacturer proves that you failed to comply with the recall. If this happens, your lawyer may present evidence to prove that you brought your vehicle for repairs. They can then use the expert's report to demonstrate that the spare part that prompted the recall developed a problem even after repairs. This may help you receive a favorable payment.

The Process of Seeking Justice

An important step when seeking justice is hiring a lawyer to help you hold the parties at fault accountable. They will gather evidence to prove that the car or vehicle part was defective. The evidence will also show that the defect caused the crash that made you suffer bodily harm. Your legal advisor will also prepare and file claims against the culprits before your state's deadline for bringing injury claims. This will ensure you're not disqualified from getting compensation for failing to comply with the filing deadline.

Claims for damages suffered in a recall crash are sometimes challenging to maneuver, which is why it is recommended that you leave the legal process in the hands of a car accident lawyer. They will gather compelling evidence and take legal action against the offenders to help you get justice. 

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