3 Things Car Accident Lawyers Do To Recover Reimbursement For Drivers With Expired Licenses

5 May 2022
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Operating a vehicle with an invalid license is against the regulations in all states. Things can be worse if you're involved in an accident when driving without a valid license — several questions can cross your mind about whether the at-fault party's insurer will reimburse you for your losses. Although having an expired license can give the court and insurers an edge over your case, car accident lawyers can overcome these hurdles through many legal processes and ensure you are reimbursed for your damages. This article outlines three things these lawyers do to help their clients be compensated if their permits expire.

Determining Fault

Whether you have a valid or invalid license doesn't erase the fact that someone else was responsible for your injury. If you can provide enough evidence to show that another driver caused your collision, the court may still consider your claim and convince insurers to reimburse you.

Lawyers are skilled in determining the cause of crashes. They'll collect all the crucial evidence, including observer testimonies, police reports, scene photos, and video surveillance footage, to show the court how the incident occurred. It can be difficult to discredit your claim with this proof even if you have an invalid permit. 

Reducing Penalty

You may be charged for driving with an expired permit if the court discovers this fact when you're submitting your claim. Penalties for this offense may vary depending on how long your license has expired. But generally, you may be fined a few hundred dollars or face some weeks or months behind bars. If you're nursing severe wounds, getting the money for the fines can be difficult, especially if you're not yet reimbursed.

Lawyers can negotiate with the prosecutors and the court to give you a reduced sentence owing to your condition. They know the right words to say to soften the judges' and prosecutors' hearts and get you a lesser punishment. 

Representing You If You're Partially at Fault

You may find it easy to evade law enforcement agencies due to your permit's state. You're still entitled to reimbursement for losses if you're only partially responsible for the collision, although this amount will be calculated based on your liability level. Car accident lawyers can negotiate with the responsible driver, their insurance company, and the court system. Through their deliberations, they can get you the maximum settlement. 

Expired permits can make it challenging to get better reimbursement for your injuries. Thankfully, a car accident lawyer can work round the clock to ensure you obtain justice and get what's rightfully yours.