Reasons to Hire an Estate Litigation Lawyer After Your Loved One Dies

1 March 2021
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Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, but this emotional time can become even tougher if you believe there is going to be legal action over your loved one's estate after they are gone. Maybe you are even the one that needs to take legal action because you discovered that not everything was as it should have been in your loved one's final days. If you believe there is going to be or there should be a fight over your loved one's estate, you need to hire an estate litigation lawyer as soon as possible. Here are some of the situations where having a lawyer on your side can be a big help.

1. Your Loved One Was Mentally Incapacitated When They Changed Their Will

Did your loved one have a will but you found out shortly before they died or after they died that there were last-minute changes made? Was your loved one not of the right mind to be able to legally make these changes? Did someone else close to your loved one try to pressure them into changing the will in a way that hurt you or benefited someone else? An estate litigation lawyer can take anyone that interfered with your loved one's will to court and get the will restored to what your loved one actually wanted.

2. The Will Was Not Properly Signed or Notarized

Sometimes your loved one had good intent by making a will, but made the mistake of not signing it properly or not getting it notarized or viewed by a witness while it was signed. If you discover your loved one's will has issues like this, it might be possible for another party to challenge the will in some way. An estate litigation lawyer can help defend your loved one's wishes and get the will to be executed in the manner that your loved one intended.

3. Your Loved One Had Multiple Marriages and You Expect Conflict

When someone has two or more marriages in their lifetime, emotions can run high between the different families when it comes to matters of inheritance. Whether you think a second spouse is trying to mess with your inheritance or you believe someone talked your loved one into making changes to the will to hurt their old family, a lawyer can step in and fight for what is rightfully yours.

To learn more, speak with an estate litigation lawyer.