Three Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer For Help With The K-1 Visa Process

10 January 2020
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Thanks to the Internet, more people than ever are meeting the loves of their lives online. However, the people you meet online may not be in the same city, state, or even country as you. If you fall in love with someone in a different country and you want to get married, you and your spouse may be looking to apply for the K-1 visa, or fiancee visa. Once approved, you and your love have 90 days to get married once they enter the country. Here are three important reasons why you should consider using an immigration lawyer for help with the K-1 visa process. 

An Immigration Lawyer Can Explain Your Options to You

In many cases, the K-1 visa process is the best way to get someone from a foreign country to the United States for you to marry. However, not everyone who applies gets approved. You can be denied for a K-1 visa for a number of reasons, including the country where the person is from, any previous interactions they have had with immigration, or your finances. An immigration lawyer can help explain what options are available to you and which options may increase the chances of bringing your loved one to the U.S.A.

An Immigration Lawyer May Speed Up the Process

The second benefit to hiring an immigration lawyer for help with the K-1 visa process is that they may help to speed the process up. Many people make mistakes filling out the paperwork or fail to submit the proper documents. This can result in delays or denials which slow down the process. An attorney knows what needs to be submitted and knows how to correctly fill in the paperwork, which can help your loved one get to you faster. 

An Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Future Immigration Questions

Lastly, once the K-1 visa is approved, you may find yourself with more immigration questions. How can you adjust the status of your loved one once you get married? When can they start working? How can they get a green card? When can they apply for citizenship and how? An immigration lawyer is there for you after the K-1 visa has been approved to answer all the questions you may have and ensure your loved one's immigration status is not compromised due to mistakes. 

Immigration law is complex and is constantly changing. A great immigration lawyer is up-to-date on the changes that are taking place in the immigration world and what your best course of action is if you are looking to get someone you have fallen in love with and plan to spend your life with into the United States. Contact an immigration lawyer to discuss your specific case and how they can help you with the K-1 visa process.