Seek Help After Falling And Suffering An Injury In A Grocery Store

15 October 2019
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Falling down inside of a grocery store is no laughing matter, especially if you twist your ankle in the process and are required to wear a cast until the injury heals. How do you handle a situation that involves denial on the store manager's part? If you reported the injury and filed an incident report soon afterward, you essentially have what you need to prove that an accident occurred. Proving that the accident was not your fault, however, is another matter and will likely require legal assistance.

Don't Accept The Treatment And Move On

If you have gotten nowhere with the store manager and have tried speaking to them on several occasions, it is time to put that type of communication to rest. You are not going to receive the results that you wish for by speaking your mind and the manager could even state that you are threatening them if you keep contacting them, which could definitely hurt your case.

You need to focus on recreating what occurred, which will require you to write down a list of variables that came into play. Was the floor wet? Were there things stacked in the aisle that contributed to the incident? Were any employees standing nearby or did anyone approach you and attempt to help? These key details are what need to be relayed to a personal injury attorney and will help prove the fact that you were the victim on the date of the incident.

Discuss Your Situation

Don't put off a meeting with an attorney. If you wait too long to seek help, your case may not be eligible to be heard in a courtroom or you may be seen as someone who is only trying to win a monetary award from the other party. Grocery store owners carry insurance, so there is no reason for you to feel bad about seeking compensation. After all, you have probably lost wages if you were unable to work after the injury and you have hospital and doctor bills that you are responsible for paying.

Tell a lawyer what happened, including what you were shopping for in the store, the aisle that you went to, and what occurred after you fell. Provide a copy of each medical bill that you received. Proof of your injury will strengthen your case and the money that you owe may be eventually handled by the party that you are suing. After paperwork is filed with the local court, you will be provided with a date and a time to show up for your hearing. Your accident attorney will accompany you to this legal event.