Should You Settle Or Get A Personal Injury Lawyer?

30 April 2019
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Whether you have been hurt on the job, at a place of business, or even at another person's home, you have the right to be compensated not just for your injury, but for potential loss of work, future surgeries and rehabilitation, and other pain and suffering related to your accident. It doesn't matter if the accident was on purpose, a freak occurrence, or even done completely by negligence, you can sue for your injury and receive a settlement or judgement in your favor regarding your case.

If a settlement is coming your way, it may be tempting to take the offer. After all, settlements do help limit the length of time you spend in court and offer you a nice chunk of change you can use to help pay down your growing debt. However, settling out of court may be a sign that the entity or person you are suing knows you may win your case and they're willing to settle to avoid more losses.

Should you get a settlement or hire a personal injury lawyer instead? In many cases, getting a lawyer is best. Here are things you should consider when it comes to personal injury law and your rights.

The amount of the settlement

Does the settlement amount meet or exceed your expectations or does it fall drastically short? A personal injury lawyer will help you negotiate a better settlement amount if you don't like the one you are getting, or they will help to encourage a settlement if the other party is balking and you want to get your funds more quickly.

The length of your case

Have you been in a courtroom battle for months on end and it doesn't seem like you'll be ending anytime soon? Rather than get worn down so you'll be more encouraged to settle for a paltry amount, contact a personal injury lawyer who will help get the ball rolling in a more positive way for you.

The type of injury you have

Is your injury related to a hate crime or did it occur in a drastically detrimental way? If so, you may have more to your case than just injury compensation and may be entitled to other benefits as well. You can get pain and suffering in addition to your medical payments, particularly if your injury was malicious or causes you to be in therapy or rehabilitation for some time. Talk to a personal injury lawyer like those at Steele Law Offices, LLC to see if a settlement or taking further action is your best bet.