The Holidays Are Coming: 4 Ways To Ensure Your Grandparent Visitation Rights

1 December 2018
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The holidays are coming up. If you're a grandparent, the holidays are a time when you get to enjoy the holidays through your grandchildren's eyes. Unfortunately, if you're being denied your right to grandparent visitation, you may not get that opportunity. If you're being denied access to your grandchildren during the holidays, it's time to take action. Here are four steps you can take to ensure you have time with your grandchildren this year.

Plan a Separate Holiday Activity

If your adult child has been through a divorce, and your grandchildren have a custody order that needs to be followed, arrange to have a separate holiday activity – perhaps a few days before or after the upcoming holidays. That way, you can spend time enjoying holiday festivities without interfering with the custody arrangement.

Join a Planned Holiday Event

If a separate party won't fix the situation, ask your adult child to include you in their festivities. Often planning a joint event will give you the time you need to visit with your grandchildren during the holidays. If you're being denied access to your grandchildren – and it doesn't involve divorce and custody arrangements, it's time to look for another solution.

Schedule Family Mediation

If your adult child is denying you access to your grandchildren over the holidays, and you haven't been able to resolve the issue, family mediation might help in this situation. A family mediator can help you and your family work through the issues that are preventing you from seeing your grandchildren. Family mediation is particularly beneficial when minor family disagreements have caused you to be separated from your grandchildren.

Get an Attorney Involved

If you're still being denied access to your grandchildren, it's time to get an attorney involved. Most states have grandparents rights laws that help ensure access to grandchildren, especially during the holidays. An attorney may be able to help you obtain visitation rights for your grandchildren, which means you'll have a legal right to see them. However, you need to act fast to make sure that any court orders are put into effect before the holidays arrive.

Now that the holidays are here, you want to spend some time with your grandchildren. If you're being denied access to them, the tips provided here will help you resolve the situation. For other advice on how to obtain visitation rights for your grandchildren, be sure to consult a family law attorney in your area.