Have A Business Dispute? When To Hire A Commercial Litigation Attorney

31 August 2018
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Dealing with a business dispute can be a very tricky affair. There are so many laws that rule the business world, and if you are unfamiliar with what's on the books, you probably won't really know or understand whether or not you're dealing with something that is quite serious. Because so much rides on the outcome of a business dispute it's vital that you are aware of when it's time to pull out the big guns. If you're wrestling with any of the following situations, it's time for you to think about hiring a commercial litigation attorney

A Former Employee Files A Class Action Lawsuit

If a former employee decides to file a class action lawsuit against your company, this is most definitely a time when you need legal representation. Don't think for a moment about trying to quietly handle the matter yourself or consider brushing it aside. A class action lawsuit can spell the end of your organization if it isn't handled the right away.

It truly doesn't matter how small the lawsuit seems to be at the moment. You just never know if other employees will decide to jump on board and join the lawsuit because they believe that the parameters of the case apply to them as well. A good commercial litigation attorney may be able to negotiate with the plaintiff and come to agreeable settlement terms so that you won't have to spend money paying for court costs or lose valuable production time because you have to set aside work days to appear before the judge.

Shareholder Issues Can Grow Out Of Control

Shareholders are a very important part of any business endeavor. They supply the funds to get the company off the ground and are usually there to lend valuable input about the course of affairs.

If one or more of your shareholders begin to have a problem with the way things are being run and decide to vocalize their dispute, you need to consult with a commercial litigation attorney before you give an answer to their claims. Saying the wrong thing could come back to harm you, so it's best to seek professional counsel prior to submitting your reply.

Commercial litigation attorneys are highly specialized, and their expertise is top notch. If either of the situations listed above comes up on the horizon, get in touch with a commercial litigation attorney as quickly as possible.