2 Things To Do If You Get Pulled Over For DUI

10 March 2018
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If a police officer thinks that you are driving erratically, they are likely to pull you over so that they can find out if you are driving under the influence or if you are having some medical issue. There are a number of things that the police officer can do to decide whether or not you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, there are also things that you can do during the pullover. 

Be Polite

The first thing you can do to make the traffic stop go easier is to be polite. It will never hurt you to talk to the officer in a polite and respectful manner. You want to make sure that the traffic stop is as non-confrontational as possible, and being polite is really going to be the easiest way to get that started. Even if you are choosing to disagree with the officer or to refuse to do something that they are asking you to do, you should be as polite as possible. Being polite may not get you out of the traffic stop, but it will generally make sure that the police officer is going to treat you well too. 

Just Say No

The police officer isn't going to tell you this, but when they ask you if they can look through your car or ask for you to take field sobriety tests, you can say no. You can refuse to do one part while still doing another. For example, you could choose to do the field sobriety tests but still refuse to let the officer look through your car. You can even tell the police officer that you would like to have an attorney there before they are allowed to look in your car. You should be aware, though, that if you choose to not do the field sobriety tests, the police officer may arrest you and take you to the hospital so that they can get a blood test on you to see if you are intoxicated or what substances may be in your bloodstream. If you refuse to let them search your car, they may have you wait until they can get a search warrant so that they can look at your car. 

A DUI can be an expensive event. If you do get pulled over for a DUI, then there are things that you can do that may help you with the traffic stop. If you do end up getting arrested, then you should contact an attorney like Robert A Murray as soon as possible to help you.