Dash Cams: Legal Protection Against Accidents And Fraud

10 January 2018
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Many car accidents are hard to prove because of the circumstances. Sometimes, there's so much traffic that someone else could have caused you to hit someone else, but if you can't find the culprit, you may be ultimately responsible. In other situations, you may be the victim of careful, well-practiced scammers who know how to make you look like the problem. Here are a few ways that dash cams can help you protect your legal argument with the help of a car accident lawyer.

What Is A Dash Cam?

A dash cam or dash cameras is a car-mounted camera that can record video and audio. They're a lot more affordable than in past decades, and can record at a much higher quality level.

Dash cams benefit from the same technology that boosted smartphones into a sudden flash of popularity over desktops and laptops, and are mobile devices in their own right. In addition to recording at the new normal video quality--high definition--many devices can record audio with crisp clarity.

The information can either be saved on an internal storage device or accessed with a micro SD (secure digital) card, just like the cards that can go into smartphones and cameras. The lowest quality you should expect is 720p, with anything higher requiring more storage (up to 4K resolution currently), and anything lower not being worth the money--even if it's free. Lower quality means worse images and a worse legal case. 

Why Are Dash Cams Necessary?

When you're in an accident, you're at the mercy of a lot of knowledge and science that is often taken for granted. If you're lucky, your vehicle was hit in an area that can't possibly be hit without the other person being a bad driver, or if you were trying to commit fraud. Other evidence involves looking at tire skid marks, the intensity and angle of the damage, and other forensic science techniques.

You're not necessarily going to get a forensic scientist on your side unless there was major property damage or loss of life, especially if you're in a town that does have a very big police department. An investigator may check out the scene if requested due to a court situation, but this may be long after the wreck and long after some of the most critical evidence is gone.

With a dash cam, you get a record of the accident before, during, and after it happens. The evidence is like a gift to you and your lawyer, as it makes demanding compensation and showing your innocence much easier.

Contact a team of car accident attorneys to discuss an existing accident situation, to get help with bringing a parking lot fender bender culprit to justice, or just to add legal security in case of a future accident.