Should Your Business Use A Background Check Service?

27 February 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog


Background checks are an important part of the hiring process. Unfortunately, some employers still fail to require new-hires to go through the check, which can sometimes result in avoidable issues. If you are considering adding background checks to your hiring process, here is what you need to know.  

Will a Free Background Check Suffice?

The Internet is full of websites promising free comprehensive background checks. The results of the checks are often swift and only require a minimum of information about a person. However, free background checks are not always the best option. There are some drawbacks to using them.  

For instance, free background checks usually rely on limited sources for information. Free public records are typically the primary source of information. The search leaves out records that have yet to be digitized and those that require a fee to be accessed.  

Another drawback is the information that is presented in the check is not always 100 percent accurate. The checks are not verified, which means you could disqualify a candidate for employment based on faulty results.  

There is also the issue of accountability. Since the results are offered free and through an automated service, if the results are inaccurate, there is no one you can hold accountable. If the report states a new-hire has a clean background, but it is discovered too late that this is not the case, the background service would not be responsible.  

What Is Included in a Comprehensive Background Check?

A comprehensive background check performed by professionals is a lot more thorough than an online free check. The information provided can vary by service, but most checks include criminal records checks through local, state, and federal records. A person's driving record and credit history is also included.  

In addition to this, the investigator checks for a person in registries, such as the child abuse and sex offender registries. Drug testing can even be included.  

There is some information that is not included in a background check. For instance, although credit history is included, credit scores are generally not. There are other services from which the score can be obtained though. Medical records and smaller incidents, such as traffic citations, might not be included either.  

Consult with an investigative service that offers background checks to learn the full scope of the services available. Taking advantage of those services can lower the risk of hiring someone who does not fit in with your company's hiring standards. Contact a business, such as Blue Systems International, for more information.