4 Rules To Avoid Accidents On Your Boat

13 January 2017
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Going out on the water for a little exploration can be a lot of fun. Boating is a blissful hobby for many, but personal injury attorneys know that boats are often the setting for accidents as well. If you have a boat, you need to make safety your number one priority every time you or anyone else boards your boat. If you don't, you may find yourself paying compensation to your passengers or other boaters in the form of lost wages, medical bills, and compensation for their pain and suffering. Follow these simple rules to help prevent some of the most common injuries that occur on boats.

Rule #1: Only Go Boating with Others

Enjoying the open seas all by yourself can seem like a great adventure. However, it is not the safest move. If something goes wrong, you need others there who can assist you or seek help. Make sure to always bring along at least one other person every time you take your boat onto the water. If you are seeking serenity, you and your passenger can give each other space aboard the water vessel.

Rule #2: Stay Sober Any Time You Go Boating

Drugs and alcohol do not mix well with boating. No matter how much it may feel like you are at a party, you need to always stay sober when you are on your boat. You can also set the rules for your water vessel. You may require that your passengers refrain from drinking or indulging in other mind-altering behaviors. Whatever you do, stay in charge yourself and don't get swept up in the party scene.

Rule #3: Always Wear and Require a Life Jacket

Always put on your life jacket before you board your boat. Require that every other passenger does the same. Forget the need to take jacket-free selfies. No matter how experienced you may be, even Olympic swimmers may struggle in certain conditions, and you need to be responsible for the behavior that is allowed on your boat. Require a life jacket or do not let people on board.

Rule #4: Know and Follow Your Boat's Load Specifications

When you invite some people to check out your boat, sometimes they can tell other people, and it can be easy for an impromptu gathering to start. However, you need to be very mindful of what your boat's passenger load is supposed to be. Never let too many people come aboard at the same time.  Doing so could result in the capsizing of your boat, or an overcrowded boat could otherwise endanger passengers.

Finally, keep in mind that boating is a risky hobby. Yes, it is a lot of fun, and the rewards are worth the danger to boating enthusiasts. Keeping your mind on safety can help you enjoy the fun that's available while avoiding the potential heartache that can come from an accident. You can stay on the open seas instead of visiting a personal injury attorney when you keep safety first on your boat.