Do You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney?

31 December 2015
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When you are injured on the job, your first concern is to seek immediate medical treatment. After that initial step, the process can get tricky depending on how badly injured you are. In many instances, you need the help of a quality workers compensation attorney to help you navigate the various issues involved in making a claim. If you are unsure of whether to hire an attorney or not, you need to consider several factors.


If your accident is a minor one, such a small cut or strained muscle, you probably do not need an attorney, particularly if your boss admits the accident occurred at work and you do not have a pre-existing condition that might be made worse by the injury. Also, if you only lose a minimal time at work, an attorney may not be necessary. If any part of the workers compensation process confuses you; however, you can call a lawyer for a consultation just as a precaution.  If you suffer a more severe injury that will keep you off of work for an extended period of time or prevent you from working at all, you need to consult with a lawyer.

Legal Action

If you have trouble navigating the compensation system or you are having problems with your boss over the incident, hiring a lawyer is highly recommended. If you are refused benefits or are pressured to return to work before you are physically or mentally able, you should definitely get a lawyer involved to protect your rights and your health. Remember that your employer likely  has a great deal of experience with workers compensation cases and understands how to use the system to their benefit. You may know little about the law, so having an experienced attorney at your side is the only real way to protect your rights. For instance, a lawyer can make certain that you are seen by a truly independent physician and not one that has an existing relationship with  your employer. You need someone who is only looking out for your best interests.

If you experience a significant injury at work, do not hesitate to seek the counsel of a qualified workers compensation attorney. Even if your employer is generally fair, they have to protect their own interests. You need to look out for yourself and your family. Hiring a lawyer, such as from can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.