Important Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs To Know

22 October 2015
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If you were involved in an accident through no fault of your own and you're planning to hire an attorney, they will need as much information as possible from you in order to build a case. Often, clients forget to tell their lawyers pertinent information that can sometimes mean the difference between a winning or a losing court case. Read on to learn about several things your personal injury attorney will need to know in order to help you present the best case possible.

Disclose Your Past

If this is not the first time you've been involved in accident litigation, it's important that you tell your lawyer a detailed history of other incidents. If the other side finds out that this is not the first time you've taken someone to court over an accident, they may claim that your injury was not a result of the most recent one. Some defendants' attorneys will try to make you prove that your current health-related problems are due to their case, and that there is no doubt that it could be related to prior incidents or injuries. Come clean with your lawyer and let them know if this has happened previously, and what the results were in terms of your prior injuries.

Inform Your Lawyer of Your Financial Situation

If you've filed bankruptcy or are unemployed, your lawyer should be aware of this fact as well. Some defendants will try to argue that you're only suing for the money and not due to your pain and suffering. In addition, if you've filed for bankruptcy successfully, any winnings you receive could go directly to your creditors or other parties you owe money to. This can also apply to spousal support. For example, if your spouse was providing you with any kind of financial assistance after the accident, even if you're now divorced, they may also be entitled to some of the winnings from the case.

Tell Your Lawyer About Your Background

While you might not think that having a criminal record or bad driving record could affect your personal injury claim, many insurance companies will run a background check on you in order to gain any assistance for their defense. They might claim that you could have possibly been partially at fault if you have a lengthy record of things like past speeding tickets or other infractions. It is always best to be as upfront and honest with your lawyer as possible so they can help you when you're ready to present your case in court.

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