2 Reasons To Utilize An Estate Lawyer

2 October 2015
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Planning for what happens after you pass away can be quite difficult and stressful, but an estate lawyer can help make it easier on you. You should utilize an estate lawyer because he or she will be able to help you decide how any minors in your family will be cared for and resolve any disputes once you are gone.


One of the biggest concerns many people have is how their children or other minors that they may be guardians of will be cared for once they are gone. An estate lawyer can help you with this issue by helping you to create a trust that can be used to ensure that the minor's financial future is secure.

In addition to setting up the trust, an estate lawyer can also help you with appointing a trustee that will be responsible for managing the trust's money until the minor is old enough to take full control of the trust. In most cases, the trustee will use the trust's money to take care of the minor's day to day living and education expenses. Another way that an estate lawyer can help you plan out how a minor will be cared for is by helping you to find someone that can become his or her guardian after you pass on.


Finally, you can count on an estate lawyer to attempt to resolve any disputes over your assets once you are gone. Since you will likely be sitting down with your estate lawyer quite a bit in order to create an estate plan, he or she will be very familiar with your wishes and intentions. This means that he or she can attempt to resolve any disputes in a way that is in line with what he or she believes you would have wanted.

For example, if two of your relatives are arguing over a piece of real estate because one of feels like he or she should have been given the property instead based on a conversation he or she had with your before you passed, the estate lawyer can attempt to find an amicable solution. This could include convincing the two individuals to share the real estate between them, or selling the real estate and splitting the money.

Speak to an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible in order to get your affairs in order as you never know when an accident may occur. An estate lawyer can help mediate disputes between your heirs while also helping you to ensure that any of your children or other minors in your household are cared for once you pass away.